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Blogora is a project to create a blogging platform tightly integrated with a forum. This can bring a variety of advantages over traditional blogging or forum platforms. If you are a blogger you may decide to use blogora as it easily creates a community behind a blog. On the other hand if you are a small community blogora brings you the possibilities to have a single front-end through which can you can both attract new users and keep in contact with less active users.

Blogora is for you if you:
  • Have a blog with active users
         But your users have a hard time to communicate between each other like with traditional blogs. Width blogora on the other hand they can discuss any topic openly in the forum without going through the hassle of using two different platforms.
  • Have a gaming community or clan
         Keep everyone up to date through the blog(rss-feeds), have users share ideas between each other through the forums and communicate the good ideas with the world through the blog.
  • As a unofficial group of people interested in or researching a certain topic.
         Take the original blogoscoped blog, the community researches thousands of different things concerning google. These are then shared through the forum, next the site owner picks out all good ideas and blogs about them. Now new users are attracted as the blog will be an uncoparably good source of information.
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